What is SERMACS?

The Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS) is an annual scientific conference. It brings together chemists of all stripes – students, academics, industry, government, etc – together across the Southeastern United States to share their knowledge and network.

As the world’s largest scientific society, ACS’ national meetings tend to be incredibly large, sometimes bringing in more than 25,000 attendees. Regional meetings like SERMACS seek to bring together scientists on a smaller, but still significant scale (5,000 or less). Regional meetings like this provide an opportunity for significantly more interpersonal engagement and effective collaboration on a much more individualized level.

What makes SERMACS 2025 special?

SERMACS 2025 will be the first time SERMACS has returned to Florida in nearly 30 years. The Orlando Local Section of ACS is organizing this meeting, and is excited to showcase the robust and exciting southeastern scientific community and the unique contributions Florida makes to the chemical enterprise!

Additionally, SERMACS 2025 will be a joint meeting, held concurrently with the Southwestern Regional Meeting of ACS. This meeting will feature scientists from all across the southern United States, from California to Florida! SERMACS 2025 will be larger than the average regional meeting as a result, providing even more opportunity for valuable engagement between sponsors and attendees.

When and where will SERMACS 2025 take place?

SERMACS 2025 will take place in Orlando, Florida from Sunday October 26 to Wednesday October 29, 2025, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld. The address is 10100 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32821.

Why should my organization sponsor SERMACS 2025?

SERMACS 2025 is a unique opportunity for your organization to engage a robust and diverse group of scientists. Participants in SERMACS 2025 are important thinkers, researchers, scientists, government decision makers, and students who represent both the current and the future leaders of chemical sciences throughout the American South and Southwest. SERMACS 2025 provides an ideal chance for your organization to develop highly impactful connections with your future members, customers, and partners!

What are my sponsorship options?

See our sponsorship guide for information on the various sponsorship levels available to you. We have a wide variety of sponsorship options with varying benefits based on your organization’s needs and ability to contribute. Reach out to our conference leadership at sponsors@sermacs2025.org to discuss opportunities to participate in SERMACS 2025!